Serving Over 500 Developer Projects

FastKey automates the full project sales cycle from launch to close of sale.
Unlock powerful insights and real-time data to drive greater sales efficiency, from marketing to lead conversion and sales.


Introducing 'FastKey Projects Marketplace': Maximize and extend your agent outreach in Southeast Asia

Extend your project’s outreach to more than 50,000 agents from Real Estate agencies across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Go Beyond your appointed agencies.

Leverage your project's exposure in the marketplace through FastKey Featured Projects. A new premium feature to drive higher impact engagements with local and overseas agents.

  • Prominent placement and position
  • Exclusive highlights panel at the top of the Featured Project tile to promote your commission schemes, project images, logo and contact information to agents

'StoryTeller': Bringing your sales gallery closer to your buyer’s doorstep

Transform your project into a realistic, fully immersive and 24/7 digital sales experience with your buyers from anywhere by rendering your project, floor, and landscape plans.

With multiple style selections for your virtual 3D floorplans, you can bring your showroom to life – minimizing your need for physical models. Seamless integration with FastKey’s CRM system brings real-time unit availability to your buyers, while traffic analytics enables real-time visibility about your visitors.

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Make data-driven decisions with
real-time reporting and dashboards

Visualise your sales performance on a personalised dashboard even on the go. Share business performance with key stakeholders using scheduled reports. Drive sales productivity and enable intelligent decision-making with data and analytics.


Manage leads and book units in
real time, on the go

Automatically consolidate, assign and track leads. On our mobile-first platform, your sales team can close a sale anytime, anywhere. To facilitate fast closing, buyers can make a deposit payment online, on the spot.


Automate and streamline the entire sales process

A powerful cloud solution developed specifically for the property industry, FastKey enables end-to-end workflow automation from project launch to sales conversion. With a modular suite that is easy to use and highly adaptable, FastKey brings greater agility, scalability and cost-efficiency to your organisation.

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