Driving a more sustainable future in Southeast Asia

PropertyGuru was founded on the fundamental belief that everyone should have a place to call home. We are committed to moving forward, guided by our bold, future-looking vision.

We power communities to live, work and thrive in tomorrow’s cities

Blending our knack for innovation with a genuine care for communities, we offer solutions that meet people’s real estate needs while aiming to leave a lasting, positive mark on the planet.

Sustainability Report 2023

We share our progress in 2023 towards being a sustainable, responsible business – an aspiration that has guided our decisions since inception. 

The report captures thoughts from our leaders about the culture we are building, our ambitions, the projects we have initiated and our commitment to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Our Gurus For Good Strategy

We’re setting our sights high, striving to excel both as a business and a socially responsible leader. The solutions we are building do not just solve problems of today. They are designed to conduct business in a way that supports a sustainable tomorrow.

We call this approach our ‘Gurus For Good’ strategy. It is based on the three pillars dedicated to addressing our material sustainability topics and focused on where we believe we can make the most meaningful difference:

Sustainable Living

We are advancing a more sustainable property industry

In a world impacted by climate change, increasing living costs and changing lifestyles, we leverage our deep expertise of the real estate business coupled with proprietary data and analytics to foster a thriving future for our communities. 

With solutions such as Green Score, liveability index and climate risk insights, we enable the real estate industry to move towards more sustainable living.

Thriving Communities

We are building platforms for everyone

We strive to create an environment that cultivates excellence, growth, and well-being. By nurturing a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, we want every Guru to be their true selves, feel valued and thrive at work.

We are innovating to bring solutions that meet the varied needs of the communities we serve. We focus our efforts on creating inclusive products through accessible design systems and a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination.

Responsible Business

We are leading the way with trust and transparency

We constantly navigate diverse privacy, security, ethics and compliance regulatory frameworks, choosing the path that aligns with our principles. Our stakeholders repose their trust in us and it’s important we uphold that trust through adherence to industry best practices for compliance.

We are protecting everyone’s data

We do our utmost to protect our users’ data. We are committed to collecting data legally and responsibly, maintaining clear policies and systems to protect it, and complying with all applicable data privacy laws and regulations. We embed data privacy and security into our products and activities through cybersecurity and privacy programmes based on internationally recognised frameworks and standards.