Supercharge your sales with smarter call tracking: PropertyGuru FastKey x AVANSER

12 Nov 2021

Salespeople have earned their reputation as extraordinarily hard workers. One study says the average salesperson makes 52 calls a day, on top of nurturing lukewarm leads and analysing the efficacy (or lack thereof) of their outreach campaigns.

At PropertyGuru FastKey, we are committed to enhancing and creating a seamless property-selling experience. After receiving feedback, we wondered if there was a way to conveniently offer end-to-end call management features in a single platform. Our search led us to AVANSER, one of the leading call tracking technology companies in Asia Pacific.

Together, we’ll soon release a new set of FastKey features designed to make the sales process faster, more efficient, and less time-consuming for you.

Why smart call management? Four features you’ll love

Most property sales platforms don’t go beyond the “click-to-call” feature. As a business owner, you can’t really know what happens after that call. How about the quality of the call? How many calls were made? What was discussed, and how much time transpired until the next point of contact?

Smart call management isn’t just about getting deeper insights into your leads — it helps you engage with potential buyers (even when you’re not immediately available). Since all calls are made through the FastKey platform, you’ll also be able to build an archive of your sales relationship with each lead — ideal for troubleshooting, levelling up your service, and deepening your connection’s application.

1. Inbound & outbound call tracking (with dialer)

Outbound call tracking allows teams to measure sales team productivity, capture the results of each completed outbound call, and track how diligently salespeople are following up on leads – all while protecting salesperson privacy.

With inbound tracking, on the other hand, conversations are automatically saved and recorded on the system for future coaching and monitoring purposes. Because marketing channels and campaigns can now be attributed based on business needs, salespeople have insights into the customer journey at the ready even before engaging with them.

Another powerful benefit: since you don’t need any additional hardware or software to use AVANSER’s powerful calling features within FastKey, you’ll slash the costs of traditional telco bills.

Inbound scenario:

  1. Your customer sees your number on a property listing, or a different number on your billboards.
  2. They call the number and are automatically routed to the next available salesperson.
  3. Customer hears a ‘whisper’ before being connected to the salesperson. This pre-recorded message explaining privacy policies etc. (configurable by customer).
  4. Call is recorded on the system and automatically logged in FastKey.
  5. Salesperson calls back using the FastKey app with a comprehensive knowledge of the customer’s journey thus far.

Outbound scenario:

  1. Outbound customer receives a call using number masking for privacy and safety reasons, so that a salesperson never needs to provide their personal number to any leads.
  2. If the customer is not able to receive the call, FastKey will automatically create a reminder for the salesperson to call back.

2. Intelligent call routing

AVANSER’s intelligent call routing empowers you to sort calls based on a wide array of factors, like:

  • Time
  • Location
  • Business and after hours
  • Weekends
  • Special events
  • National holidays
  • High-volume times

You can take advantage of AVANSER’s powerful ‘closest match system’, where we’ll measure the distance between callers and branches and automatically direct callers to the closest salespersons. You can also select ‘time-based routing’, if you need to ensure staff adherence to a schedule, change answer points throughout the day, or if you want to ensure that clients are managed appropriately after hours.

3. Instant missed call notifications

This simple yet powerful tool gives you the opportunity to contact, qualify and convert more leads. As soon as a call is missed, AVANSER’s system captures the data (including voicemail recordings) and logs in on FastKey’s to notify the appropriate salesperson or team. These notifications are completely customisable, and can include information like:

  • Time and date of the missed call
  • Calling number
  • Answer point (i.e., the party that was to receive the call)
  • The advertising source that generated the call
  • The caller’s location
  • Status of the call (i.e., busy, missed, abandoned etc…)
  • Recorded voicemails

4. Call recording

Call recording features are only helpful if you remember to use them — and that can get tricky when you’re fielding so many conversations in a day. On the flipside, automatic call recording can contribute to a massive backlog of call recordings you’ve failed to review. How would you know which ones are worth listening to?

Purpose-built for the property industry, FastKey’s new integration with AVANSER automatically records incoming calls and goes a step further by helping you sort the recordings based on how valuable they are to you.

How FastKey’s new features benefit your sales processes


FastKey’s integration with AVANSER ensures all incoming and outgoing calls are automatically recorded on the platform


1. Get insights that make your marketing more effective

Property buyers come from all over the place — WhatsApp, Instagram, property portal PropertyGuru, and more — especially now that omnichannel marketing has come to the fore. With smart call tracking and management, you can understand exactly which campaign brought your buyer to you, and in turn build more complete attribution models.

With our integration with AVANSER, you can create unlimited virtual numbers for each social media post you publish, billboard you put up, and more — achieving granular visibility into your marketing campaign performance. Calculating and optimising the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and CPL (Cost per Lead) of your different marketing channels has never been easier.

Lastly, all your real-time marketing intelligence is served in an easy-to-read dashboard. Whether you’re investing more on top channels or increasing spend on property campaigns that need more support, FastKey makes it easier to justify changes to campaign budgets and get everyone aligned.

2. Avoid lead leakage

In today’s hyper connected world, it’s important to be online as much as possible. If you call a lead within the first five minutes after they’ve submitted a web form, for example, they are a hundred times (literally) more likely to speak with you. And some marketers have actually seen a 900% increase in contact rate after switching to smart call tracking.

Smart routing features like FastKey’s round robin automatically routes calls to the next available salesperson to minimize lead leakage. In cases where no one is available, the right people are quickly notified so your team can re-engage leads while they’re hot. Virtualisation of the backend provides a clear, singular source of truth and allows you to digitally assign individual salespeople as needed.

3. Make your coaching, training, and auditing much more effective

Coaching and auditing is a breeze with FastKey’s automatic call recording and timestamping. When certain teams perform extraordinarily well or whenever disputes occur, you can discover exactly why. By exploring the recordings, issues associated with certain clients, salespersons, or even certain properties become clear.

Smart call management helps you level up your sales in a myriad of ways:

  • Monitor and sharpen a team’s call handling skills
  • Review caller feedback
  • Determine the revenue generated by an advertisement
  • Re-contact mishandled callers and convert them
  • Assign an exact outcome to a call (for example: ‘Converted Sale $100’) to determine the effectiveness of your sales pitch and individual sale agents
  • Fill in knowledge gaps that affect your sales agents and buyers

4. Protect the privacy of your salespeople

Number masking protects your property sales agents’ privacy by obscuring their personal numbers. Though privacy isn’t always top of mind for sales team leads, creating clear boundaries between work and personal life can help salespeople be more confident and engaged.

5. Link your calls to the rest of the sales process

FastKey provides a purpose-driven, end-to-end platform for the real estate industry to handle all their leads at every stage of sales. Smart call management and tracking is just one of many exciting features available with FastKey. Customer feedback from recordings could be used to help you strengthen property listings with information that your buyers want but can’t find.

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Advances in online marketing technology (like VR/AR property touring) help salespeople provide customers with almost all the information they need to make an informed decision. This takes some of the work out of your hands, but it also means leads are often piping hot when their number shows up on your screen. By the time you call back, they may have already found another agent.

AVANSER’s smart call tracking is a perfect addition to the rest of FastKey’s suite, and we’re excited to help top property developers gain even more insights into what customers want. High responsiveness goes a long way in converting high-intent leads, and with smart call tracking, you can spoil modern investors with all the information and attention they need to make a purchase decision.

Interested in exploring how smart call tracking integrates with the rest of your outreach strategies? Get in touch with us at [email protected] for exclusive, early access to FastKey’s newest features.