Reaching consumers at the right time

09 Oct 2018
Indonesia , Malaysia , Singapore , Thailand

Your customers’ ZMOT has moved. Are you keeping up? 

Remember the days before Google? In planning any purchase, we couldn’t research a product online, compare it to like products or read customer reviews like we do today. Reaching a purchase decision involved a physical trip to the store. In those days, that’s where we made the decision to buy. Our Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT) came as we explored the store shelves for what was available and did our research there, and came to a decision to buy. We’d likely be influenced by the store salesperson because that’s where we’d get most of our information as we compared products.  

That’s not the case today. Far from it. Chances are, you’ve already made your mind up about your purchases before you get to the store (and will likely buy online rather than travel if the option is available). You would have done your research online and be as much up to speed on the product as any salesman – or even more so.  

Shopping for a home today is conducted in the same way. Your buyers will have done their research online. They’ll have seen what other options are available. They’ll have made their comparisons and they’ll have shortlisted the properties they want to view. That’s when they’ll first show up on your radar, either as a call for enquiries or a visitor to your showflat. 

But what if you aren’t showing up on their radar and your competitors are?  

What if you weren’t even considered for shortlisting because they couldn’t find any information about your property online? 

You need to be showing up where your customers’ ZMOT happens. Today, that’s online. And because that’s the case, you need to be showing up there as one of their choices – AND, through the correct marketing campaigns, be showing up as their CLEAR frontrunner. 

Find out how to be seen online as a choice to shortlist. Ask us about PropertyGuru marketing solutions today.