Machine learning: what is it?

11 Dec 2018
Indonesia , Malaysia , Singapore , Thailand

Personalise your marketing with machine learning 

Marketing in 2019 is all about personalisation. Consumers no longer want to be treated en masse. They want to feel they are noticed and their exact needs identified and addressed. If you can make your customers feel you get them through a personalised approach, you’re ahead of the game. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the concept of machines learning from machines. It’s got to the stage now where developers such as you can harness this technology to personalise your marketing. With AI, you can cut through the high variety in-demand variables and the incredible supply to really personalise the experience for your audience. 

Look how PropertyGuru has done it 

PropertyGuru just launched a completely revamped website that leverages AI to make the search experience a hyper-personalised and intuitive one. 

The machine learning algorithms underpinning this have been trained to recognise behavioural cues to determine the kind of properties a user is looking for and the content they are likely to be interested in. As the AI-powered recommendation engine learns more about each user’s unique needs and preferences, solutions will increasingly become tailored, smarter and more accurate. Think of it as an Amazon shopping experience for the property market. Recommendations are made based on past search behaviour taking engagement to the next level.   

This means that we can provide you with better, smarter data, not only to help you sell your property but also to help you plan for your next project. 

  1. When visitors come to the site, their selection to buy or rent will pull up only properties relevant to their search. 
  2. Based on their search behaviour a chat function is introduced to take them to the next level of engagement. 
  3. Based on their search behaviour “handpicked” properties will appear that the algorithms identify as being suited to their search. 

When you join the PropertyGuru portal, we add even greater intelligence to your marketing – Artificial Intelligence. Visit our portal today to learn more.