Clarity in marketing your properties is EVERYTHING

20 Nov 2018
Indonesia , Malaysia , Singapore , Thailand

“Singleness of purpose is essential for all success in life;
no matter what may be one’s aims.”
-John D. Rockefeller 

The above quote, from one of the best entrepreneurs of all time, has inspired us at PropertyGuru. Our clarity of purpose has helped us stay focused on our journey. Our continued success has much to do with us having a clear view of what we stand for and that we consistently act with that singleness of purpose that drives us.  

Yet, we’ve seen that many developers still define themselves by their past achievements and by how long they’ve been around. They are not speaking in terms of the value they can bring to the table today and in the future.  

There appears to be an opportunity to speak more about what the brand stands for towards the future; what values it pursues on how people live together. This is happening online as we engage with our consumers.  

Online marketing removes the guesswork 

There’s a famous expression in marketing: I know that 50% of my media spend is effective; I just don’t know which 50%. As we move more and more towards online media marketing, the good news is that the above expression will become a thing of the past. In online marketing, we have the ability to measure our marketing spend. We have incredible insights into our consumers, their behaviour online, how they engage with us, what they click through to and how long they spend there. That’s powerful information that allows us to tweak our marketing to do what works and discard what doesn’t.  

With this information, we can allocate our budget to what we know will work. We are no longer throwing things out there hoping that something, somewhere, sticks. Can you imagine how incredibly powerful that would be in your business?  

We designed our own sales and marketing technology 

We recognised how powerful it would be in ours. That’s why, we decided to create our own sales and marketing technology: FastKey. Developed specifically for the property industry, FastKey is the platform that brings cost-efficiency, agility and scalability to your organisation. And puts you in control with real-time data, automated reports and actionable insights to make data-driven decisions.

Arrange a FastKey demo  to get started on making the most out of your marketing spend.