Leverage technology to create emotive experiences for your buyers

05 Mar 2019
Indonesia , Malaysia , Singapore , Thailand

Get a 360° view of what your next property launch could be 

PropertyGuru partners with property developers to create effective end-to-end marketing campaigns that drive buyer interest and convert leads to sales. 

Part of the value we add is in putting out content that engages the prospect through more unconventional means via the use of the latest technologies. When markets are down and competition is tough, the need to ramp up engagement could be the difference between success and failure.  

A case in point was the marketing campaign we created in 2017 for MRCB in Malaysia for the launch of its Sentral Suites development in a particularly dampened property market. 

We supplemented the existing media creatives with a tour of the property to bring the lifestyle element to life for the buyer. 

Take a look at the video here and consider how a similar video for your next launch could help drive sales. 

The good news for MRCB? They exceeded their target in pre-qualified registrations by 138%!

Looking for similar numbers for your next launch?

Learn how to create emotive experiences for your buyers in the ebook and see how powerful these can be in the sales process. 

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