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Convert more leads into sales – find out how

Dramatically increase conversions with point of sale payments | Lock in a unit | Proceed to pay to secure the unit …...

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How can you leverage data & technology to help you get better ROI

At PropertyGuru, we are committed to be a trusted partner for property developers. We partner with developers to plan ...

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What does a trusted brand look like?

Achieve greater ROI with effective branding | “A solid brand yields benefits such as customer loyalty, an improved ...

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Can you ignore the rise of PropTech?

Now is the time to transform your property development business with PropertyGuru's PropTech solutions | What is PropTec...

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Machine learning: what is it?

Personalise your marketing with machine learning | Marketing in 2018 is all about personalisation. Consumers no longer ...

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The importance of knowing how effective your marketing spend is

“I know 50% of my marketing investment is working. I just don’t know which 50%” -John Wanamaker | Thankfully ther...

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Clarity in marketing your properties is EVERYTHING

"Singleness of purpose is essential for all success in life; no matter what may be one’s aims." -John D. Rockefeller ...

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3 foolproof ways to compete as a property developer in the era of constant change

Consumers have so much more choice now in how they consume and buy. With the rise of e-commerce, especially on mobile ...

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Rising demand for authentic marketers in the era of fake news

Today we all have the potential to be publishers in the online environment. With little regulation of content or the …...

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