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The Future of the Property Market

What’s in store for 2019? As we head into the second half of 2019, we take this opportunity to look at the current sta...

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5 hacks to help you compete as a property developer in 2019

Digital technology can no longer be ignored in the property industry. The old adage: “go where your consumers are” ...

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Reaching property buyers in today's changing market

There’s more to PropertyGuru than meets the eye! At PropertyGuru, we’re best known as a property portal for consume...

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Pursuit of marketing effectiveness: techniques to accelerate sales in today’s uncertain property market

Finding the sweetspot to accelerate sales in the modern property market environment | Consumers have so much more …...

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Bridging the gap

Your burning questions | What unit configuration should we include in our land bid? Who do we target? Who is eligible ...

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Leverage technology to create emotive experiences for your buyers

Get a 360° view of what your next property launch could be | PropertyGuru partners with property developers to create ...

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Convert more leads into sales – find out how

Dramatically increase conversions with point of sale payments | Lock in a unit | Proceed to pay to secure the unit …...

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How can you leverage data & technology to help you get better ROI

At PropertyGuru, we are committed to be a trusted partner for property developers. We partner with developers to plan ...

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What does a trusted brand look like?

Achieve greater ROI with effective branding | “A solid brand yields benefits such as customer loyalty, an improved ...

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