These are unprecedented and constantly changing times. Amidst all the uncertainty, one thing is crystal clear to us: our home – and our community – matters the most. And PropertyGuru Group will continue to stand by our customers, partners and employees.

The spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has left no corner of daily life untouched. Millions of people are working from home, thousands of our community members are infected with the virus, our children are adjusting to home-based learning, and once customary gatherings and personal interactions are no longer considered safe.

Our topmost priority is ensuring the health and safety of our communities and supporting them to navigate the evolving health and economic crisis.

We are actively monitoring our communities across Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, making sure we follow public health authority recommendations and enabling local housing markets to adapt to these evolving conditions. We have already taken several steps to support this commitment to date and are prepared to take more as needed.

Protecting Our Customers

Right now, travel bans, job losses, social distancing, and unfortunate biases have triggered homelessness in the short-term for many in Southeast Asia. We are canvassing support to help people whose lives have been disrupted by COVID-19.

If you, or someone you know, are able to #LendASpace in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia, please complete the hyperlinked forms under the respective market.

If you, or someone you know, #NeedASpace to stay in temporarily in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia, please complete the hyperlinked forms under the respective market.

PropertyGuru has also introduced dedicated content hubs in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia and to help current homeowners and home seekers confidently navigate the property market in these rapidly evolving times. Our evidence-based insights are updated frequently, so leverage them to make confident property decisions.

Home seekers can also get in touch with us via AskGuru or seek advice from our seasoned financial experts to help them refinance their existing home loans.

Standing By Our Partners

To help our agent, developer and financial institution partners tide through this period, we have rolled out a raft of support measures such as reducing prices, providing validity extensions on products, launching innovative tech to help them bring the property viewing experience right to a home seeker’s fingertips, introducing added income streams, as well as providing free access to critical resources.

As an industry expert, we have also reached out to a number of organisations to offer our assistance. We have started working with several organisations in Singapore to help their employees assess how much money they can save through refinancing their homes, via our PropertyGuru Finance product.

We continue to monitor the situation and are prepared to evolve our solutions and guidance as needed.

Supporting Our Employees

Taking guidance from local government and healthcare authorities, all PropertyGuru Group employees in the region have been enabled with resources to work from home.

To help them accommodate challenges around home-based schooling, childcare, elder care and other such needs, we’ve also implemented flexible work schedules.

Meanwhile, we continue to scout for the best talent and welcome future employees. If you are ready to make a real difference with us, apply for available positions at [email protected].

At PropertyGuru, one of our core values is that “We Respect & Care for Each Other.” That mindset is top of mind for all of us in this challenging period.

If you do think of ways in which we could support you better, please email us at [email protected].